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Vodafone Dev Days – Spain event review

July 26, 2010

Earlier this month we ran the first in a series of Vodafone “Dev Days” events in Madrid, Spain. Luckily the event coincided with Spain winning the world cup and the return of the team to Madrid, so we had a room full of very happy developers.

The event was run over two days, with presentations covering an Introduction to Widgets, W3C Specs, Developing with JIL, Publishing, Passing QA and marketing your apps. You can view the presentations here,  and see more pictures from the event here.

During the event I managed to catch up with a couple of the presenters. Firstly with Charles McCathieNevile from Opera who presented a session on W3C specs, see the video below,

And then Nikolai Onken from Uxebu, who presented a session on cross platform development, see the video here,

During the event there were also live demos and open coding sessions which resulted in a number of the developers coding through the night to then demonstrate working apps the next day.

Javier Campos, Rubén Blanco and Julián Oliver developed and presented an app that is used for real-time detection of the number of bicycles available at the nearest free bicycle station in Valencia. David Bueno Vallejo who is an Associate Professor at the University of Málaga coded through the night to develop an app to train waiters that uses the accelerometer API, see David’s blog post here (You can also read more in the developer spotlight about David that is appearing in this months newsletter, sign up here if you’d like to receive the newsletter). Aran Ziv gave an excellent presentation and demonstrated his app that displays the space remaining on your SD card. And finally, Tobias Sasse showed a location aware app that integrated with Google maps.

During October and November we’ll be repeating the event across Europe, visiting Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Germany and Netherlands. In the coming weeks we will be announcing the registration sites and dates for the events, so please keep an eye on our blog.

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