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Vodafone Apps Manager (Developer Version) update

July 16, 2010

Many thanks to everyone for the feedback regarding the Vodafone Apps Manager for Android (Developer Version). We wanted to let you know that we’re now updating this tool based on some of the feedback we’ve received so please consider this and future releases a BETA until we announce a final version. We of course want to make sure that we deliver the best tools for you so please keep that feedback coming in!

And we also wanted to take the opportunity to highlight all the available channels where you can publish your widgets below,

Targeting high end handsets (i.e. Vodafone Samsung H1/M1, Nokia N97)

If you are targeting high end handsets you can continue to develop and publish your widgets to customers in the eight Vodafone 360 markets via either the Widget Developer Platform or

Publishing your widgets on will ultimately enable you to reach the 1 billion customers of Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, Softbank Mobile and China Mobile. Initially, you can distribute free widgets to 8 Vodafone markets, and paid widgets in 5 of those markets. Detailed information about publishing your widgets can be found here.

Targeting mid to low end handsets (i.e. Sony Ericsson W595)

For mid and low end handsets you can also consider targeting Opera Mini which enables customers to get a full internet-like experience on mid and low end handsets.

Version 5 of Opera Mini which has recently been launched will be accessible to millions of users, providing an opportunity to target emerging markets.

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  1. July 16, 2010 7:00 pm

    Awesome! Looking forward to those new releases and features! Will there be Android 2.2 support? 😀

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