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Vodafone AppStar Developer Day visits Sheffield, UK

March 18, 2010

In partnership with Screen Yorkshire, Vodafone visited Electric Works in Sheffield on March 3rd to discuss the 360 Apps Platform. The Vodafone AppStar developer day included a day-time and evening event, providing commercial and technical education, guidelines, Q&A and expert panel sessions around the Vodafone 360 mobile apps platform. Around 80 developer companies and content providers attended the day, along with Vodafone and 4 of their certified apps partners (CAPs).

Speaking about the event, host – Paul Amery, Apps Commercial Manager for Vodafone UK said, “UK Developer out-reach tends to be London focused, which is fine, but tends to miss out the regional technology hubs such as Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester. We were really happy about the quality of attendees and interest generated. The thing that impressed me most was the quality of apps which developers and brands are working on, they are significantly richer than even 12 months ago”

Slides from the day can be found here . Also available is the Vodcast, which features the highlights of the presentations alongside interviews with some of the speakers and attendees. For more pictures, go to the flickr page.

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