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Developer opportunities, presented by Lee Epting and Peters Suh at MWC

February 9, 2010

This session at the Vodafone 360 Developer Conference, App Planet, MWC will take a look at Vodafone 360 as a cross platform environment, introducing the key technologies & API roadmap, distribution and how you can make money with Vodafone 360. You will also be introduced to the Joint Innovation Lab (JIL), its developer resources and publishing process.

Speaker profiles:

Lee Epting, an Executive with over twenty years experience in the technology sector, was Vice President of Forum Nokia from 2003-2008, Nokia’s global developer support community. In this role, Lee was responsible for driving the business connections between Nokia and more than 3.5 million registered Forum Nokia software developers, mobile network operators, content aggregators, media companies and enterprises. Lee joined Vodafone in June 2009 and is currently the Director of Branded Content in Vodafone’s Internet Services Group, responsible for Vodafone’s global Music, Video, TV and Shop propositions and services.

Prior to joining Nokia in 2003, Lee worked with Palm Inc. and later Handspring in technology development management, business development, and sales. She was instrumental in helping to build the Palm OS platform while working for Palm Inc, as well as recruiting, managing and supporting Enterprise ISV partners for the Palm OS platform, such as SAP, Oracle, Remedy, Lotus and Computer Associates. While working for Handspring, Lee launched the Springboard expansion platform for Visor handhelds, launched the wireless development platform for the Treo handheld communicator, and created the Handspring Enterprise Alliance program.

Lee served on the Board of Directors of Symbian Ltd. from 2006 through 2007. She also performs advisory roles with technology companies globally.

As Content Services Director at Vodafone, Lee is responsible for leading the roll out of the applications shop, portal, music, games, and developer engagement activities.

Lee earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Santa Clara University and is also a graduate of Santa Clara University’s International Business Degree Program.

Peters Suh is currently for the CEO of JIL (Joint Innovation Lab) a joint venture with Vodafone, China Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Softbank Mobile.

Peters’ previous position at Vodafone was President of Vodafone Global Enterprise Incorporated and Vodafone Ventures Limited.  Prior to joining Vodafone, he was a managing director for Fremont Communications a private equity fund focusing on telecommunication investments. Peters was previously Vice President, Chief Technical Officer for Vodafone’s Global Internet Services group and also held a number of positions with AirTouch Cellular.  Peters is a director of Vodafone Americas Foundation, Aspire Technologies, and JIL. Peters holds a B.A. and M.B.A., both from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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