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Cross Platform Development on Vodafone 360, presented by Wolfram Kriesing at MWC

February 3, 2010

We’re delighted to have Wolfram Kriesing present the Cross Platform Development story at the Vodafone 360 Developer Conference, App Planet, MWC. Wolfram has more than twelve years professional experience in IT. The early involvement in web technologies provides him with deep knowledge and experience for designing and implementing stable and scalable architectures. With two equivalently experienced experts he founded uxebu, a software consulting company focused on mobile cross platform solutions and web2.0, AJAX-oriented front-end engineering. He has been an active open source contributor on multiple projects and is currently a member of the Dojo Toolkit project.

Session details: To reach a greater audience an app must be able to run on multiple mobile devices, this comes with a whole new set of challenges. In this talk I will show you how cross platform apps/widgets can be developed and deployed based on W3C Widgets, JIL APIs. You will see how Vodafone360 widgets work on the available platforms and how you can also get onto other platforms, like iPhone, Android, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Mobile. You will see what the hurdles are and what is possible and realistic today. I will prove cross platform development is not only a myth, we did it and you will see proof: an app in multiple app stores.

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